Wave 96

Lima's Party Station

Student Meteorologist: Britley Ritz

              I was born in Richmond, Indiana and soon moved to Greenville, Ohio, where I have lived for most of my life. I would definitely say I've been obsessed with weather and have developed a passion for what I do. When I was seven years old, I saw my first tornado. I grew up terrified of storms, making me want to learn about the atmosphere and why certain phenomena occur. I have since overcome my fears and am currently a senior at Ball State University, where I broadcast the weather for Delaware, Co. through NewsLink Indiana. I will obtain my BS in Professional Meteorology and Climatology in the fall of 2013.

Student Meteorologist: Christopher Swaim

        My name is Christopher Swaim and I am currently a junior at ball state university in Muncie Indiana. I am aspiring to be a broadcast meteorologist. My current experience includes 3 years of meteorology and climatology classes, on top of that a driving passion about the weather. I also broadcast for Delaware County through Newslink Indiana here at Ball State. I am a very laid back person who loves to communicate with people. It only makes sense to combine my passions and that’s how I ended up here.